Kitty Clean Goodness


Natural Sanitisation

Disinfects cat’s body and living environment from harmful bacteria or viruses with natural food grade ingredients.


Healthy Digestive

Promotes digestive system by preventing some gastrointestinal diseases that affects the cat’s overall wellbeing.


Healing & Restoration

Heal skin and respiratory issues that commonly affects cats. Bring your beloved cat back to health again.

Protect Your Furkids With PURE C+ & PURE C+ Zn

A happy cat is a happy owner – protect your cat with an eco-friendly disinfectant that improves your cat’s overall wellbeing. Pure C contains Ionic Nano Copper (INC) that effectively kills viruses and germs by disrupting the protective layers of the organisms and interfering with its vital processes.

This enables Pure C to treat and prevent various cat related conditions such as allergies, ringworm, rashes and many more. Pure C is also known for its healing properties to treat various cat skin and respiratory conditions that causes them to be irritated. Give your feline companion the love it deserves with Pure C.

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